Saturday, September 11, 2010

some concrete chizuk

My dear readers,

I have a relative, very dear to me who has hard a very very hard past ten years. Divorce, battles in court, the works. He sees his kids for only 2 hrs. a week he's lonely, broke... we all have very difficult tzaros.

He sent us a heartfelt poem I share with you today, perhaps some of you can relate to him and what he writes. After his poem is the poem I answered him, a chizuk poem we can all use to remember why we are here and what really counts...
Shana tova!

p.s. please daven for yeshuos for moshe akiva ben basha chaya and his kinder


I wish you a Happy, Healthy, New Year,

Surrounded by your Spouse, children and even friends so dear.

A festive meal with ritual Simonim, and food so sweet,

Melodies and memories that make Yom Tov complete.

Cooking, baking, shopping and last minute hustle,

Shopping for new clothes and yet without any tussle.

Take a moment and see what Hashem has given you,

A spouse, children, family, and friends to name a few.

A house filled with Love, warmth, and a frig stuffed with food,

Parnasah, Good health, children, together in a joyous mood.

Friends, and family from near and far,

Lights, warm food, L’Chaim are all in par.

Yes, Thank Hashem for the year that did pass,

But enjoy also now as if it will forever last.

A world that has become so crazy and corrupt,

For now let Yom Tov please interrupt.

We attend the Coronation of our King,

Who daily gives us everything.

How can we better our soul and mend our way,

For me this is what I wish to say.

I sit with no spouse, children, family, or Dad,

Any of the things above, nor money for a seat was to be had.

Be not worried to those who do read,

Let my suffering be for your need.

Know that there is at least one like me,

No spouse, children, family, Parnasah, or glee.

Food donated, a cold chilly Yom Tov home,

A year of tears and being alone.

I beg you to not ignore my pain,

So my whole being is not in vain.

Thank Hashem for all HE did provide,

For me, He thus did all decide.

Please think of me in your prayers thrice a day,

That this past year suffering for all Jews I did pay.

Thank your spouse, children, family and friends too,

That Hashem had Rachamim and did to me and not you.

my poem in answer:

We come to this world
to rectify our ways,
and work very hard
suffering many days.

But one thing we must remember
one thing we MUST know
that we really don't know a thing
of why our lives are so.

Why do we suffer? Why do we thrive?
Where is the peace for which we all strive?
Was it something we did in the past gilgul?
Is it still rectification for the dor haMabul???

There is only one thing, one thing alone
of which we can be sure
and that is Hashem's love for us
the only love that's 100% pure.

No matter how easy or how hard
life is for me, you or them
we must do our best to remain faithful
to our Father that loves us, to Hashem

The reward for our simcha
that we hold onto dearly
through thick and thin
daily, yearly

is yet unbeknown to us
but what we do know
is that it is the greatest reward possible-
Hashem promises us so.

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