Monday, July 14, 2014

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

דברי חיזוק חשובים מהגה"צ הרב רומפלר

אנחנו נמצאים כעת בשלב האחרון ובימים האחרונים של הגלות, וסמוך ונראה לגאולה השלימה שתהיה בימינו במהרה, לכן כעת יש ריבוי מלחמת היצר מה שלא היה מימות עולם, ונמצאים כעת הרבה מאד מאד נשמות חשובות גדולות מאד, שנשאר להם לתקן כמה דברים, ולכן אפילו שעבדו הרבה שנים בעבודת ד' גדולה, כעת מפילים אותם מן השמים לנסיונות גדולות ולשפלות גדולה ולידי הסתר פנים ולידי חושך ברוחניות, ועיקר הנסיון הוא שלא להתייאש מהמשך עבודת ד' בכל דרגא ומצב, כמובן לעשות מה שביכלתו להלחם עם יצרו ולא להכשל, אבל אם בכל זאת נפל ונכשל ואפילו הרבה פעמים, יעשה מה שכן ביכלתו, ויתחזק כל פעם ולא יחליט לעזוב עבודת ד' ח"ו מחמת נפילותיו וכשלונותיו, כי זה גופא הנסיון כעת שלא יעזוב, ויתחזק כל פעם ויעשה מה שביכלתו, ויפנה תמיד רק לבורא יתברך ויחזיק בו בכל כוחו כל עוד נשמתו באפו, וזהו הנסיון לראות האם יתייאש או לא, וכמה פונה רק לבורא יתברך וכמה שלא מרפה ולא עוזב את ד' מה שכן ביכלתו, וזה נקרא שעומד בנסיון אם תמיד מתחזק, ובשמים המלאכים בוכים על נשמות חשובות בדורנו כעת שלא החזיקו מעמד ולא התחזקו ונתייאשו ונפלו לידי הערב רב רח"ל, לכן העיקר תמיד לפנות רק לבורא יתברך בכל מצב וזמן, ולהחזיק בו יתברך בכל כוחו, ובקרוב בקרוב נזכה לגאולה השלימה מתוך רחמים גדולים ונגלים במהרה בימינו אמן.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

added note - re this blog

I did start the blog in order to arouse Jews to ahavas Hashem and share with them what i learned about the upcoming Geula out of total love for all of Am Yisrael. [[Love is not letting you hear whatever you want to hear. Love is telling you the truth in hopes of saving you from hardships that the prophets and chazal tell us that those that are not fully with Hashem will have to go through before Moshiach comes in order to wake them up and return them to Abba in Shamayim. ]]

Life Ventures:
I have been datil leumi, almost secular, left wing, right wing, litvish, chassidish, you name it. I believe Hashem put me through all the 'interesting' things i went through in life to give me a 'taste' of what people go through in their lives. I've been, there, I understand. All I know is that I was never content until I threw away the olam hazeh (modernism, modern thought,etc.) and its hashpa'as and decided to devote my life to the true Yiddish masores, to the Torah and in short, to our Creator.
I spent my life studying facts, opinions, lifestyles and people's behavior and the only emes that exists is in following the Torah properly.

When I was secular - everything was wrong. No middos (ok, a bit here and there), ga'ava and ta'ava - that was the life style I witnessed.

When I was modern orthodox - I was simply confused. Well, you have to keep shabbos and kosher, but you can talk to boys and have male friends, you can wear short sleeves and maybe even pants, you can show parts of your hair, it's ok that men and woman peek at each other through or over the mechitza and sing in harmony together - where in the world did the shulchan aruch go??? I felt little or no kedusha there!

yes, as a litvisher although was better, my life lacked a lot of simcha and pashtus and a close and special relationship with Tate.

Even when i first became chassidish I was still somewhat confused because the chassidim of today did not appear to me to be the chassidim of 200 years ago. And that is what I was striving for.

Then I discovered that the ONLY way to achieve what I perceive (ok?) to be the emes, is to completely return to the Yiddishe masores, shawl, redid, tznius, kedusha and all, and B"H I am even zocheh to a husband who is very careful about shemiras eynaim.

Too spiritual for y'all? Too boring? To square and old fashioned?
then this blog is not for you.

"before Moshiach comes emunah will be so scarce"

The above was said by my dear Rebbe, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. He said that right before Moshiach comes, real emunah will be so scarce, true believers will be one here, one there, one there...

The comments I received to my previous post proved this to be true. The comments were nasty and not very well thought out - put it that way, so I won't post them but I will try and summarize my reply.
1. I never said a word bad about the actual soldiers. They ARE being brainwashed, they are not treated as they should be, they work ridiculously hard and do not get much gratitude, and this I have heard for years from people who served. To you who complained that I do not serve - I served a year and a half in "national security" and B"H continue to do as much chessed with other Jews as I humanly and physically can. An anti-charedi once admitted to me, "what is nice about the charedim is that throughout their lives they continue to do gemilus chassadim, running gamachs, serving in Zaka etc."

2. I am not claiming that every charedi is a righteous tzaddik, I was speaking about the general fact that what all the non charedim don't seem to realize and probably never will until Moshiach comes is that without the constant Torah learning and without Hashem's hashgacha, our army would have fallen the day it was established. Complain as you will, very soon you will all know the truth, and not from some blog on the internet.

3. The reason the charedim must NEVER join Tzahal is for the same reason that they are anti - Zionism. Because it does not follow halacha. Period.
The government, taxes, court systems, police and Tzahal - all follow rules they invented, most of which are taken from the goyim. THEY ARE NOT TORAH LAW.

You should all really read the messages of the autistics. Laugh all you want but read back to day one and you will see that what they have predicted has begun and is continuing.

The biggest problem with most of the yidden now is that they put their faith in everyone and everything but Hashem! "Arur hagever haboteach ba'adam"
ארור הגבר הבוטח באדם, ברוך הגבר אשר יבטח בה' והיה ה' מבטחו

You are not arguing with me, my dear secular and modern orthodox Jews, you are arguing against Hakadosh Baruch Hu and the Torah.

May we all be zocheh to opening our eyes soon and realizing:
והיה ה' למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה ה' אחד ושמו אחד

Monday, February 20, 2012

A call for charedim to join the army? I challenge the Zionists!!!

This is a kind of a heart to heart with my valued Yiras Shamayim readers.

My parents proudly sent out an email with a link to a talk show that aired on TV where they interviewed religious girls serving in the army. The "co-star"? My sister. My precious 19 year old sister. I was like a second mom to her, growing up, we used to cuddle on shabbos and have naps together when she was 4, and we have been close ever since. I remember when she was about 9 she said to me, "When I grow up I want to be charedi like you!"

I love her so much and it just breaks my heart to hear her interview. She says there that what she does in the army literally protects the residents from infiltrating terrorists and that if she wasn't there to do it, who knows what would happen?
Well, that is because she was raised, as I was, in a dati Leumi and very pro Zionist family.
Number 1, if any dati leumi people read this please don't take personal offense.
The fact is that these girls whom they showed on TV are not in fact "dati". Most of the dati leumi today do not follow all of halacha and therefore cannot be considered "dati". Dati - literally means "religious" which could mean "in to religion", of course, but the world views them as Orthodox, i.e. people who observe Torah and mitzvos. But the halacha is that (among others they dont observe) women cannot wear pants, and yet these girls are wearing pants (or short skirts) in the army! They are not allowed to 'hang out with' and talk to men, but they do there, all the time!

And if you want to claim that in the days of the Tanach, even the women had to go out to war, a. Only when they were being fought against, i.e. to protect themselves.
B. They fought in a complete Torah observing army - as it were. It wasn't an army like there is today, they did not have basic training, crazy sleep hours, 2 or 3 years of ongoing day to day "being in the army"... , parties, hang outs girls and guys together and I dont know what...

They kept the Torah! They davened to Hashem and knew that only with faith in Hakadosh Baruch Hu did they have ANY chance of winning the battles.

Today, Tzahal is like every other army in the world. Full of ga'ava, thinking that "bekochi ve'otzem yadi" that it is there own strength and power through which they win the battles.

And as for their demand that charedim enlist: HA! Hashem will never let that happen. They talk about it, whine about it, but nothing. Because Hashem and only Hashem is in control. And the world cannot live a day without yidden learning Torah.
Yet, to those who try with all their might to "call for the enlistment of charedim" - I call for the enlistment of every other Jewish man - to come and learn Torah, like he's supposed to!

Ribbono Shel Olam, for the sake of my baby sister and all of our brothers and sisters being brainwashed by Zahal to believe that they really "make all the difference and are saving our lives", please Hashem, send us Moshiach quickly! Wake up all these sleeping souls, show them Your glory and Your beauty and that of your Torah Hakedosha!