Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yom Hashoah 2010

Here is the end of chapter 128 from Daniel's website - pre-edited. I wanted to put it up already now, in memory of the six million Jews that were killed. Why? Because it will not do their memory any good, or more to the point their neshamas, if we just think about them and get mad at the world. Or to stand in a siren and think about them and then continue going against our Abba in Shamayim.

However, if we take upon ourselves to do teshuva, to work on a specific middah, modesty and so on, in their name, THAT will do their neshama the good it longs for. Any G-d fearing Jew would be prepared to die so that the Jewish people would do teshuva and bring Moshiach. I would. Would you?
Here is his message:

Is everything really “as usual”??
A message from Daniel, Adar 5770

Question: It seems as though the world is moving along as usual. The newspaper headlines are saying the same things. The stock market is improving; the magazines are filled with promotional ads about vacations for the upcoming Pesach, and so on. The future looks bright. So how can you claim that we are on the verge of a major catastrophe?

Daniel: Before WWII broke out, the Nazis, yimach shmam, were making threats against Europe and then against the rest of the world.

They had already begun attacking Jews and their army was all ready to go to war and the whole world knew about it.

Yet, then, as today, people didn’t want to think about that reality. They wanted to have a good time [enjoying the olam hazeh]. There were people then, newspapers, government leaders and so on, who were all aware of the danger but most of the people just did not want to know. That is also today’s current situation.

For example, before WWII, Warsaw was a quiet and happy town. People went shopping, as usual, took care of their kids, went to work… Everything was as usual, up until the German planes started bombing the town.

Then, in a matter seconds, reality changed. Life was normal, nice and friendly with people planning future vacations, births, scheduling dental appointments, etc. And in an instant their whole world turned black. Parents and children were killed, lo aleinu! There was no food and the river was polluted from the deaths of all the horses and people killed by the bombs. The world entered a dark period of death, destruction and terror. Over five years of pure gehennom (hell).

Now, too, the world seems to be going on as usual. But one day, in the not too distant future, the reality we know will turn into an entirely different reality. Hashem is already reminding us that we are living in exile, in the fiftieth gate of tumaa (impurity) [as explained in Or HaChaim hakadosh, Shemos 3;8], the darkest galus (exile).

At the end of history, all of the wicked people and heretics will know at the very last moment that “there is no other besides Him”. But it won’t help them. Their time has run out and they are going to disappear from reality [“and He will destroy all the wicked” (end of “ashrei” prayer)].

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