Saturday, July 25, 2009

Recommended for all Jewish Women

Gut voch to you all!

I came across a series of books, written by the healer, "Miriam Millhauser Castle". The first book is called, "Inner Torah". I found it very important and beneficial to read because although many of us want to do the will of Hashem, we want to be good Jews, good wives and good mothers, sometimes the road to were we are going is paved with rough and sharp stones that cause us to stumble and despair time and again. Times like this can be very building or destructive.
If we had a way to deal with these times, each time, calmly, empathetically, we would be able to overcome them and learn how to glide easier over the sharp stones on the road, or even sometimes how to maneuver ourselves to be able to steer ourselves around the stones instead of right into them.

I found that the Inner Torah book series is a gift from Hashem to help us get to where we are going. Give it a try, what can you lose?

Be happy and keep smiling! Don't give up now, ladies...

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