Wednesday, August 19, 2009

yetzer hara growing or dying?

Well, on the one hand, the evil inclination is dying in the sense that it knows that the upcoming Geula, beezras Hashem means its final death. But I feel like the yetzer hara is very differen form a human. When a human is dying, he is usually very weak, too weak to do very much of anything.
Contrarily the yetzer hara seems to be strengthening.
All of a sudden certain middos we thought we worked on, seem to be causing us problems, maybe even more than before. The temptaion for worldy and materialistic things seems to have grown. Suddenly things that never really interested us before, seem to be winking at us now. I don't know if anyh of you noticed this, but maybe its a good idea to. I find myself haivng to remind myself constantly that the yetzer hara is playing out its final show and trying to do the best show its ever done before. It seems to be testing us now to see who will give up their very difficult battle now right before the Geula and scream, "encore!" or who will hold out.

The autistics once said (as is written in the mekoros) that right before the end of this world Hashem will shake the rope so hard to see who will stubbornly hold on and who will give up. I can really feel that rope shaking. SO many tests and trials now. People are going through so much sadness, troubles, illnesses and pain. And somehow, the gashmi world of the Olam Hazeh does its best to offer medicine and therapy. And some things look so inviting and are so convincing its hard to resist.

I just want to give strength to those experiencing these battles and say, "I really do know what you're going through. I am going through the same. We are in this together."
But beyond that, let's not fight this alone. One of the biggest yetzer haras now is solitude. Everyone is afraid he will be let down and hurt by others they prefer to just be in this alone. But lets fight that. Lets get groups going - support, tehillim groups, lessons together, whatever. We need to strengthen each other now and fight for Hashem together. Just as an army knows they are in it together for better and for worse, fighting for the same cause, and that strengthens them and helps them win the opposing sign, so must we now gather together as much as possible. go to your friends, neighbors, family, anyone, strengthen them and give chizuk to each other. Let's unite! no one has to go through this battle alone! ther are more of us out there - you know who you are. Fighting the yetzer hara, fighting to bring Moshiach already. You can do this online in a group (i can help and join), you can do it in your area wherever you are.

Most of all, keep the simcha going!

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