Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The three weeks, and emes

Have you ever been so affected by something, whether sad or happy that you just had to write it out? Well, a blog is kind of like a diary except that the writer hopes to bring in others to share his feelings.

I really wanted to share this.

I went into an advertising website here to post an ad of something i need. The first thing I see is a posting about how, even though we are in the three weeks of mourning, we can find so much fun with the Macabiah games, the Israeli Film Festival and more. I don't understand this view at all. It seems to me that people look at Jewish history as just that. History. If only those people could (through hypnosis?) connect with their neshamas in order to actually remember the destruction of Beis Hamikdash and all those that died in these weeks al kiddush Hashem. Really, there shouldn't be any Macabbiah games, or film festivals or any of that stuff that has no connection to yiddishkeit whatsoever. But must they do it during the times Am Yisrael is in Evel (mourning)? May Hashem forgive us all because we are all responsible for Am Yisrael going down hill. Even those of us that care about Hashem and His Torah - how many times a day do we speak lashon hara? how many times a week do we speak to the other sex unnecessarily? (i.e. women with men and men with women)
How many times a month do we perform some type of gezel? And how hard are we trying to bring Jews closer to Hashem - the right way of course?

The second thing that made me so full of emotion started from another ad posted on this site. A Jewish filmmaker seeking an employee. Curiously I looked into their website. I nearly fainted. This Jew made a film about a chassid falling in love with a non-Jewish, immodestly dressed girl. And the sad thing is, that filmmaker is really talented. She made it seem like it was the most normal thing in the world for a precious chassid of Hashem to do. Like it was okay. And the worst thing is - how many Jews watched this film to have their yetzer hara aroused and affected in who knows how many horrible ways? I could truly feel the Shechina crying. I felt such a tzaar it hit me in the core of my stomach and heart like an arrow. Oy, Ribbono Shel Olam. Forgive all of us for our part in bringing this tzaar upon you.

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