Saturday, June 13, 2009

Convincing people of The End

I truly understand those that are afraid to tell their family and friends to come to Israel and about the upcoming world war.Most people refuse to believe it. I myself keep waiting for the 'big warning' to nudge my grandmother. What a difficult time this is for those of us that know and believe what is about to take place. We love our family and friends so much and are now becoming more and more afraid of what will be with them, now that Obama has started showing his true colors as the autistics predicted for us so long ago. American Jews voted for him, Hashem yishmor! But its not their fault. He was given a slick tongue from Shamayim in order to be able to do Hashem's will - which is basically to become the main rasha that will get WWIII going. The same happened with Hitler, yimach shmo. Jews even voted for him in the beginning. Once he was in power he showed his true colors. Since dreamers, autistics and visioners have all said that soon Jews will be running for their lives like fugitives with just the clothes on their backs, and since the nevuos in the Torah say the same thing, we can believe it. In my opinion, as soon as Obama started threatening Israel, that was a big warning. What can I say? Baruch Hashem I'm already in Jerusalem. But that's not enough for me. I want all of you to be here with me too.
I don't want anyone being hounded like fugitives. Please come soon, Jews overseas. Anyone planning to come, please write me if I can help you in any way. Looking up apartments, sending you to job sites here, the Jewish agency, etc.
If you are a small family i can maybe set you up for shabbos here in my area. For those of you that did not read Yehudit's vision about the near future, please read this link, its unbelievably realistic and coincides with what the autistics have been saying as well as what is written about the days before Moshiach in the Torah (see:
The link about Yehudit's vision is:

Come quickly precious Jews. Even if you are worthy of living in the days of Moshiach, by staying in America until then you are causing yourself and your family unnecessary suffering. This is a huge nissayon from Hashem now and your Rabbis and Rebbes are not going to be the ones to warn you in this generation. Rabbi Elkayam pointed out that in Sefer Yoel (Joel) Chapter 3, verses1-3 it says: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions;"
2. "And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out My spirit."

In other words the prophecies before Moshiach comes will not come only from the shotim (i.e. the autistics and brain damaged) but also from simple regular people, as we've seen. Saada saw in a dream gog umagog ( as did Yehudit (mentioned above) and even Nava from Dreaming of Moshaich blog dreamt about this time a couple of years ago. Slowly, slowly, Hashem is revealing to us what is about to occur. It's up to us to open our eyes and our sechel (mind) and prepare now before its too late.

Let's understand better the last page of Masechet Sanhedrin that talks about the time before Moshiach comes.
"Chutzpah yisgeh": there will be a lot of chutzpa (kids to their parents and to adults, people to elderly, etc.)
"Hayoker yaamir": there will be inflation, drop in economy,
"Malchut tehapech leminut": the state (Israel) will be run be seculars and not Torah observant Jews
"chochmat sofrim tisrach veyirei chet yimaesu": the people will mock the words of the gedolim and ignore them, people will have no patience for true Yirei Shamayim Jews.

The rest is easy to understand according to pshat. see there. Sanhedrin 97

COme on everyone. The writing is on the wall. Don't ignore it, please....

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