Monday, June 22, 2009

Following Halacha

I can understand when people say that the autistics are not poskim so why should we listen to them about anything such as wigs, clothes- tznius, etc. But the problem with this generation is that people don't even adhere to halacha -to the Gedolim.

Rav Eliyashiv was recorded saying that the wigs of 100 years ago were mutar. Not the ones of today.

Below are some excerpts from "Oz Vehadar Levusha" the most famous book on tznius. This book was written by Rabbi Falk and has the haskamahs of many Rabbanim such as: Rabbi Vosner, Rabbi Scheinberg, Rabbi Padwa, Rabbi Feinstein Moshe, zt"l, Rabbi Auerbach.

Regarding sheitels, page 248 (4): " A Sheitel So Well Made That It Is Barely Detectable: It should be immediately apparent that the hair is covered: In our day and age it has become necessary to stress something which is of a most elementary nature. This is that it is totally incorrect and against the will of the Torah for a woman to wear a sheitel that has been manufactured to such perfection that to an onlooker (who does not know she is married) she appears to be an unmarried girl. As is well known, many custom-made sheitels are made to this level of undetectability.
Wearing such a sheitel contravenes the commandment that a married woman must cover her hair which the poskim say is so that men other than her husband are not attracted to her when she is an eishes ish - see Trumas Hadeshen no 10 and Rosh, Kesubos 72 a. See also Mekoros 28:1-2. It is therefore obvious that it should be immediately evident that she is wearing a sheitel and that the chein (beauty) which is apparent is due to a sheitel not to her true hair...

"(b) Lack of pride in a mitzva demonstrates a lack of appreciation: To those who know that she is a married woman and can therefore detect that she is in fact wearing a sheitel, this barely recognizeable sheitel demonstrates that she does not deem it a privilege to fulfill this mitzva as she is trying to supress and neutralize it as far as possible.

Women who wear the sheitels mentioned would in fact feel highly embarrassed if their grown up sons walked around with a small, barely noticeable yarmulke perched somewhere on the back of their heads so that it does not interefere with their handsome appearance... These women would surely confront their sons and husbands with the argument that a yid should gladly and openly do the mitzvos just a soldier proudly displays the medals a king has given him... yet these very same women camouflage their own "article of mitzva" and do everything in their power to disguise it and hide it ot ensure they look as natural and as pretty as possible."

"The following incident was related by the Mashgiach Harav Hagaon R' Done Segal shlita in his speech he gave in Bnei Brak on Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5755. "Thirty years ago I was speaking to Hagaon Harav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (shlita) about the prevailing fashions of sheitels. He said to me the following, 'If a woman would have turned up in Yerushalayim fift years ago wearing a sheitel she would have been stoned (as they followed the opinions which forbade sheitels) and in those days sheitels were straw like and could not be confused with real hair. Nowadays women come to speak to me and I cannot tell whether it is their natural hair that is visible or whether it is a sheitel. To me this is absolutely despicable! It is comparable to a person eating kosher meat who does everything in his power to make it appear as if he is eating treife meat. So too, these women want to do the mitzva of kisuy sa'aros but do everything in their power to give the impression that their hair is uncovered. To me this is extremely abhorrent!' These were the words of the Gaon."

My words: the problem is that aside from my grandmother's sheitels, the sheitels of today all look like real hair. As I pointed out before, no one wants their wig to look 'wiggy'.
Come on, let's wake up and smell the wig spray! :-)

Pge 286:
Dresses and blouses must not be tight -fitting:
The nature of this issur: It is against elementary tnius and refinment to wear tight-fitting dresses or blouses that accentuate the chest area (see Brachos 10b and Midrash...). Similarly it is ossur to wear tight-fitting skirts which emphasize the thigh area... Regrettably, in our times, some of those who still have a strong sense of commitment to Torah learning, to giving tzedaka, to kashrus and to almost all other facets of yiddishkeit, no longer have an understanding nor senitivity for true tznius..."

My neighbor said that the problem is that nowadays, it is not the fashion to wear cotton button down shirts anmore (although I think she's wrong) and so the only other shirts women can find to wear with their stylish vests and what not are lycra and t-shirt material, which emphasize the chest area and the arms. Well, there is nothing wrong with button down blouses (not tight) and at least here in J-lem, there are stores such as "Ateret Zahav" in Geula (Hagai street) which have a hechsher and sell only tznius clothes. No Lycra, no triko, no tight skirts and no tight shirts.

If you are in Israel, pass the word aorund. It is so important to buy only form tznius stores. Everyone else sells totally goyish clothes and provocative. I will try and take pictures when I am in Geula next and show you.

Okay, that's our tznius talk for the week. :-)
have a wonderful month everyone!

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