Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holocaust remembrance day

Today is the day the Israeli government nominated as Yom Hashoah, the holocaust remembrance day. They just put on the siren and everyone is supposed to stand still and be sad for all those we lost (all six million!) for sixty seconds. It amazes me that people who are supposedly the smartest, the politicians who got straight A's in school actually beleive that standing to the sound of a siren for sixty seconds, playing movies of the holocaust throughout the day on tv etc. really does something for the neshamos (souls) of those who died al kiddush Hashem. Well, for those of you who really are smart, much smarter than our government and the zionists, Hashem yerachem, if you would really like to honor those who were butchered, slaughtered and beaten, you can bring their souls a lot of light in Heaven by:

1. Saying some tehillim or learning mishnayos in their memory
2. Lighting candles for them
3. Accepting upon yourselves some sort of mitzvah (for example: upgrading in modesty, or taking on yourselves the deed of guarding your tongue, etc.)
4. Altogether doing real teshuva (repenting).

BY doing something from the above you will actually bring these souls some REAL light and joy up in Heaven.
May the neshamos of our brethren rest in peace, Hashem Yikom Damam (may Hashem retribute their spilt blood ? not sure of the translation...)

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