Wednesday, April 22, 2009

growing antisemitism

In Daniel's recent message he mentioned the anti-Antisemitism growing in Europe, England, etc. I don't really listen to the news but I look at the charedi newspaper occasionally and hadn't heard anything that really testified to this claim. So I was a bit surprised. However, knowing that I can trust Daniel and he knows things we don't, I shrugged submissively.
Hashem saw my surprise:
My mother forwarded to me a powerpoint presentation someone made in order to intenionally commemorate the holocaust due to Achmad-i-am-crazy's denial of the terrible holocaust. There was something very interesting in that presentation. It said that in British schools, they have taken the studies of the holocaust out of the curriculum due to the offense the psycho-radical-muslims (not all Muslims feel this way) feel since they do not wish to believe in it. (can't figure out why, they would have loved to have taken the nazi's places... unless it's 'cause they find it hard to believe that anyone could be more barbaric than they).

Thank you Hashem for enlightening me.
So much we don't know... it will all become clear very very soon.

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Anonymous said...

that is why they call it Londonistan.