Thursday, April 23, 2009

Without Emunah

Without Emunah - we'd be insane

Sit down in a comfortable chair for a moment. Relax and regulate your breathing. Take the time you need to visualize what I am telling you now. Throughout our lives, from childhood, we witness and or experience terrible pain, injustice and suffering. We get falsely accused for things we did not do and then punished. Crooks and wicked people get off the hook and simply don't get caught while innocents are incriminated and their lives ruined.
Children are torn apart by their divorced parents and judges make decisions based on nonsense and what's the latest fashion, rather then on truth and what's best for the children.
Politicians, in who's hands we place our trust when we vote for them stab us in the backs and get rich off of it.
Police brutally beat youngsters and its all 'forgotten'.
The world takes sides with terrorists and give them land and prisoners freely and justifies it!
Evil, horrible excuses for human beings dare to deny such a recent major event in history - -the holocaust - even though it was documented and there are graves and witnesses , etc.

Is your blood starting to rush? Are your hands clenching a bit? Breathing getting heavier?
There we go. If we would think about all these things that have and are still happening throughout the world and let them affect us and have no EMUNAH (faith in Hashem), we would go insane. We would lose it and want to kill all those evil-doers and try to make the world better on our own. When we delve into these things and talk about them on the news, etc. incessantly, we are allowing ourselves to go insane.
Now relax again and close your eyes and take a deep breath. Remind yourself a few times that Hashem is running the show and that everything has a purpose. We, the little folk and have no idea and no real need to know why these things happen. What have we got to worry? We don't have to run the world. Hashem is THE master. He knows what he's doing. SO next time we hear craziness on the news or anywhere else, let's do this relaxation excercise and remind ourselves what matters. Put a huge smile on our faces and say, "It's all part of His plan. Not my concern. I have enough to focus on in my life as a parent, child, student, grandparent..."

Practice: Achamdinejad just accused Israel of being racists. smile.
Then he denied the holocaust. smile.
A murderer just walked free. Smile.
The world is going crazy and fighting wars against each other. Smile. You have your secret weapon. Emunah.

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