Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Everyone knows

Wednesday, Feb. 4th 2009
I thought of something very amazing. Perhaps in the States people don't discuss this, but here in Israel at least 90% of the charedi community is saying that we are in the times of the Redemption, be'ezras Hashem. What's so amazing? That so many know this. It amazes me when my 7 year old daughter comes home and tells me that in her class everyone is saying that we are in Gog Umagog now. Or my friend who tells me that her sons in Talmud Torah and Yeshiva tell her that everyone in their school claims we are in the times of the Geula, IY"H. What's so amazing? How do people know this? We can't really base it on the nature, the world, the wars, the illnesses as the autistic messages claim, becasue the secular and other resisting Jews claim "well, the world is always changing, things are always happening, etc. etc." They have a point. So how do we know? How do the little kids know?
Because Hashem is telling us, each one personally, He is calling to us and speaking to our hearts. That's how we know.
To those of you that don't know or believe the times we seem to be in, I worry about you. Are you zocheh enough to merit Moshiach? Are you looking forward to the Geula (a serious mitzvah...)? If you are, please stop blocking the ears of your heart from listening to Your Father. He's calling you too, you're just plugging your ears. :-)

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