Thursday, May 21, 2009

A true story!

A short but true story was published in our local magazine this week. Very inspiring! Here's the translation:

Motzei Shabbos, parshas Naso, 5764

"It was Friday night, erev Shabbos. I woke up suddenly from a terrible nightmare. I saw my uncle, Reb Yeshayahu, z"l, sitting in a lit corner with a happy face. I went over to him and asked him how he was doing. Then I asked him where my father was, z"l (who passed away 7 years earlier). He pointed to a dark corner - a dark miserable, suffering firgure. I was stunned. I looked and tried to recognize the twisted, miserable face before me. "Aba!" I shouted in panic. "What's this? Why do you look like this? Where are you?!" With sad eyes he looked at me and said, "I'm in Gehennom, I want to eat." I was shaking all over. I said, "Why do you need food? In the Olam Haba you don't eat?"
"Food is modesty, my daughter! In the Olam Haba, your modesty is our food." I woke up and started to cry. I had a very confusing shabbos I satand said Tehillim and could not calm down. As soon as shabbos was out the phone rang. The choked voice of my sister crying, telling me the dream she dreamt - the exact same dream as mine! It is hard to describe the emotional turmoil we felt. six phone calls that night revealed that six sisters dremat the exact sam dream erev Shabbos. Incredible.
On Sunday we went to see Rav Kanievsky, shlit"a, and he said: "the wicked have to serve 12 months in Gehennom. Baruch Hashem your father has already reached the last stage of purifying the soul and now he has reached Gehennom! You sisters must strengthen in tznius (modesty) to raise his neshama. Immediately we accepted upon ourselves to strengthen generally in religion, in praying and prticulalry in modesty. We threw out clothes that do not fit the rules of modesty: t-shirt material, Lycra, socks the color of skin / transparent, tight fitting, straight skirts, short, etc., we stopped wearing wigs andstarted covering our heads with tichels, etc. acceptable by all halachic authoroities.

May it be that the merit of what we have done should assist our father who is so dear to us, now in Heaven. phone: 0548486920

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