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שימו לב: עדכונים שבועיים ב"מכתבים ממני "לחצו כאן

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שיעור לנשים ונערות חדש: "התעלומה של יציאת מצרים

לחצו כאן לשמיעת ולצפייה בשיעור

True Simcha - what is it?
Have you ever meditated on the word Simcha - happiness? What is real happiness?

True simcha (happiness) is one thing:
the ultimate simcha, the one that will last in this world and the next.

Fancy cars, trips to amusement parks, comedy clubs, renovating your homes - how long does the happiness from these [materialistic] things last? If it lasted you wouldn't need to keep going again and again, to keep renovating again and again. Hashem wants us to have materialistic things, but only if it serves the purpose of serving Hashem. If you need to hear (clean!) jokes to be happy enough to daven, to sing zemiros and to enjoy doing mitzvos, you should certainly do that.

The Ultimate Simcha - Happiness: Have you ever thought about the joy you felt after helping someone in need? Perhaps someone less fortunate? A friend, a poor person, a neighbor who just gave birth, etc. - think about the feeling you felt. When you make another person smile, the joy you feel is one that lasts forever. Not only because it is dependant upon nothing but because you know the sachar - the reward from Hashem will last forever - literally. In this lifetime and in the next. In this world and in the Olam Haba.

Serving Hashem: I find it is very hard for people to understand the concept of serving Hashem. Well, who am I to say exactly what it is, but I have an example that helps me when I am slacking and my Evil Inclination, my yetzer hara is doing its job too well. We serve Hashem - the King of the World. When we think about the concept of us serving a king, in general, it makes us cringe. To us, a king is a ruler who has everyone falling at his feet, afraid that if not he will behead them, perhaps. A king who has all the riches in the world and likes for people to run around slaving for him while he sits on his throne doing... nothing. Such a picture is truly horrible. However, we have to remind ourselves that a true king is very different.

Think about it this way: When the people came before David Hamelech, they shook, not in fear, but in awe. Why? He was completely the opposite from the king we described above - the gentile king. They were in awe because of his righteousness. His pure loving, goodness. He was humble beyond imagination, unlike a gentile king and that is what made Bnei Yisrael in awe and so willing to serve under him. Now picture 'someone' like him but times a million - in everything: goodness, loving, purity, humility, etc. Would you not be honored to serve such a king? If it is still hard, try this.

Realize that Hashem is not human. He needs no riches or slaves. You love "good", right? Everyone (who is sane) wants and loves "good". People don't want evil. It destroys everything and everyone. Well, Hashem is "good". Perhaps you never really took the time to realize that "good" has another name. It does: Hashem: i.e., "Good".

"Good", Hashem, runs this universe. If "Evil" did, we could not exist a day. Not even an hour. When you serve Hashem, you are literally serving "Good". What better joy could you hope to have? You are helping to spread the "good" throughout the world for your people. We all stem from the same soul - the soul of Adam. This is why we are judged singularly and as a whole. Because we are all one. So if one of us messes up, the rest of us suffer. But when one of us does a mitzva, the rest of us merit.

The only way to keep the true simcha alive is to constantly remind ourselves of these things. How can we do that? By reading stories from the Torah, from Tzaddikim, from people who have had Divine Providence and so on. We have brought you some of these beautiful articles, stories and excerpts from them all, to help keep the flame of true simcha burning within your hearts.

Be Happy!

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Anonymous said...

comment by sherideen:

The Iran or terrorist attacked has been aborted, B"H. Now we have a little more time to do teshuva

true simcha:

well, I dont believe it goes according to that. Meaning, Hashem sends us signs and scary warnings to wake us up. But He knows when Moshiach is coming. And the autistics said, Hashem does not need Iran or anyone else to wipe out 2/3rds of the world... In other words, it may not be through Iran that we or the world will suffer. We just have to do teshuva everyday and have faith and Hashem will take care of us no matter what, as always and our efforts will certainly never be in vain. We dont really know how much time we have, but I just focus on davening to hashem to grant me that I should merit doing full teshuva before Moshiach comes. And I just try as much as I can to go His way - thats the best we can do. Galia's message gives us chizuk, doesnt it? please feel free to comment on the true simcha site or at

kol tuv

Mar 24 (10 days ago) Reply

Your repy is right on the mark. It was very possible that Iran was scheduled to attack us later this spring or later this year, but we may have been granted a little more time, and the attack was temporarily cancelled or postponed. There has been a tremendous upsurge in young men and women davening more seriously and starting to do real teshuva. This has been noted in the heavens and more help is now coming.

true simcha to y613modeh36:
Mar 27 (7 days ago) Reply

Have you read Galia's last message? The war has to happen and Edom has to be destroyed. But it is all for our own good. I want it to happen already because that is a sign of the Geula... :-)
May I publish your comments? I would like to hear people's thoughts online and you are one of the first.

y613modeh36@: to me
Mar 28 (6 days ago) Reply

You may publish my comments. Did not read Galia's message. Please send it. Edom will be destroyed, but more Yidden will be saved as they turn to real teshuva. The time is short , but the exiles must return in masse first.

when I was in Har Nof and was with Ben Golden, I think he was not happy that his messages were not being very effective . This is not so, as many more of us realize that what he is receiving is Emes, and he should be encouraged to continue with his messages. I think he is starting again to do this wonderful work.


You are absolutely right in stating that "we have to do teshuva every day " When can one start?. NOW!
Immediatedly upon awakening every morning one should bring the Modeh Ani tefilla into ones mind. It should be said before getting off ones bed or washing. It should be said with heartfelt joyous gratitude that one has been given another day of life even if one is steeped in avairos, and involved in many difficulties.

yishar koach