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How to?

How to do teshuva?

(If you're not Jewish but you want to live on in the days of Messiah - you are required to keep the 7 laws of the sons of Noah, including recognizing that G-d is not Jes.. and has nothing to do with him... believing in Jes... is idolatry)

So you've read the prophecies and you're taking them seriously. Great! Well, for the religous Jews, the rest should be easy. That is, the knowledge is easy, the steps themselves take a lot of hard work. Aside from keeping the laws of the Torah, we have to repent: think about the wrong we did, feel utter regret and take it upon ourselves not to do it again (we try our best, at least).

The religous Jews, know the Torah and halacha laws, but everyone else do not. So where should they begin? There really is so much to know and so little time. I highly recommend to those of you in this situation to turn to a Rabbi - religous (!) near you for guidance. Here are some of the basics, until you find a Rabbi.

The basics are:

First: Realize that in the World of Truth, in the days of Moshiach and after, there is no need for materialism. You have to not only be prepared to give that stuff up, you have to WANT to give it up. If you don't want to, there is no reason for you to continue living after Moshiach comes and Hashem knows that (and takes that into consideration).

Just like, when Hashem chose the people of Israel to be HIS nation, so did they chose Him by agreeing to keep His Torah. The other nations were not prepared to keep His Torah. They wanted materialism, evilness and things that would have no real meaning in their lives. Well, this is certainly not the Torah way.

So, if you want a life of spirituality, being connected to Hashem and every Jewish soul and can give up your fancy car, house, clothes, job and restaraunts (and yes, women - aside from your own wife), Hashem will welcome you into His world. All you have to do is WANT it and go after it now.

Second: Learn the basics of Jewish law, especially, Shabbas, Kosher eating and modest dressing (You already know the laws like; don't steal, don't murder, don't be jealous of others, don't do incest, don't do adultery, don't serve anyone or anything but Hashem, etc.):

Keep the Sabbath. Don't cook or turn on and off electricity of any kind. Don't draw, tear or do any kinds of arts and crafts. Buy the "Shmiras Shabbas" books to get an idea on how to keep food warm over Shabbos and so on.

Keep Kosher: Only buy foods with a hechsher like OU or OK, etc. After eating meat, wait six hours before eating milk. Don't eat milk and meat together. When you eat meat, be careful what you eat with it - be sure nothing has cheese, perhaps, or butter in it.

Dress modestly: All joints of the body must be covered. In other words, the only parts of the body that should be seen are the hands and the face. Women must not wear pants - only long skirts and dresses. Women should also be careful not to wear long necklines and tight shirts.

If you merit learning the reasons behind these laws and the greatness they do in this world and the upper worlds (yes, there is a lot going on we don't know about beyond this world) you will see how immense and great keeping these laws is.

I highly recommend reading the book by Rabbi Chaim Kramer: Crossing the Narrow Bridge. After you read it, you will be on a much higher level, spiritually and mentally.

If you are able to do what I have written here above, you are in great shape. Of course there are 613 mitzvos and so much to know, like laws pertaining to speaking slander, washing of the hands in the morning and after doing all sorts of things (yes, there is a special way to wash them with a cup*), laws about business like not taking interest from another, laws regarding relationships and so on. You should seek an orthodox rabbi close to you to learn those basics. Especailly, ask to learn about "family purity" (for married people), an absolute must - very, very important, and a law you will benefit greatly from keeping, especially after the coming of Moshiach.

It would be good to learn the blessings made before eating foods. You can find them online or in a siddur with English. A good prayer book to buy is Artscroll, they have English.

write us with questions and I will try and help you!

*In the morning, before going anywhere or touching anything, we wash the hands with a big cup, taking turns over each hand three times, as such: right hand, left, right, left, right, left. This is becasue at night an unholy spirit settles upon the body. It is gone in the morning but it does not leave the hands. These are kabbalistic things but real. Don't be fooled in thinking that because something is from kabbalah (like the Holy Zohar) that it is not as important. It is VERY important.

Before eating bread, and after touching things like our nose, hair, going to the bathroom, we wash three times on each hand: 1,2,3, 1,2,3 (by Chassidim they was like the morning washing except before eating bread).

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