Thursday, March 5, 2009

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As someone who is very connected to the autistic people who give the Jewish people messages and I help spread them, I've discovered that I have some important insights myself. I usually don't like to rebuke people so if you are a person who does not like to hear emes don't read my notes. They are food for thought for those who want to work on themselves and merit living in the days of Moshiach and the Olam Haba.

Sunday Jan 27.08
I realized something this morning; regarding Jews who do not fall under the category of "tinok shenishba", in other words who do know about Hashem, the Torah and so on, in general, anyone who is not constantly worried about being punished for their sins, who do what they decide is the way of Hashem, no matter what the holy Rabbis over the generations said and wrote in the holy books, these people, contrary to what they convince themselves and others, DO NOT BELIEVE IN HASHEM.

When a person who considers himself to be religious, goes and does unholy acts, or transgresses and feels no shame; whose Torah does he think he is following? When reform, traditional, conservative or even modern religious people make up their own laws, and nominate their so-called Rabbis, who themselves do not follow the Torah; they listen to women sing and look at immodest women, they allow their own wives to dress immodestly or not cover their hair, and they themselves - the Rabbis, dress like the gentile nations and not like Jews, and they give all sorts of "heters" (allowances) to their followers that go outright against the Torah; who do these people think they are praying to in the morning??? They are certainly not praying to the King of the World. They are praying to something they call "Hashem" but does not even exist!

If they were truly believers in Hashem, the Creator and Master of the Universe, they would be terrified to do the things they allow themselves to do. They would not have the audacity to think that they know more than the greatest tzaddikim of all times. Yes, my words are harsh. But if you listen to your hearts and block out the voice of the Evil Inclination and the Nevi'ei Sheker, you will know my words carry the truth. And there is simply no time for all the soft words anymore. There is no time "to take our time, slowly, slowly, becoming more religous."

In another few months most of us will not be around anymore, if we don't repent now and fast. There are no excuses. When the Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis speak, you can still convince yourselves that they don't know the truth and are just speculating. But when autistic and brain-damaged people tell you things through their soul, not their brain, you have no choice but to realize it is impossible to be just "coincidence".

They are all saying the same things. Their souls are telling us that everything the tzaddikim have told us for 5000+ years is true and happening. Look how low the dollar is now. Look at where the world is heading. Do you think its a joke? Read the prophecies and the messages of the autistic people; you will know the truth.

see the messages at

I'm no tzadik, nor am I a holy soul of an autistic person. Just a simple Jew who loves Am Yisrael.

10th Av

Yesterday, was the first time that I actually managed to cry over the loss of Beis Hamikdash. I never understood how can one cry and long for something they don't remember or really understand. Now, I understand a little. Yesterday was also the first time I heard about the the maaseh, one of the two, that led to the destruction of the Temple. FOr those who don't know the story:
A carpenter's student once convinced his teacher that his wife is not good enough and that he should divorce her. The carpenter claimed that he had no money to pay the kesubah. SO, the student offered to loan him the money. He lent him the money and the carpenter divorced his wife. Then, Hashem have mercy, the student married the ex-wife! ANd the poor carpenter had no money to repay the student so he had to work for him as a servant. And to make matters worse, he had to watch the former student sit and laugh together with his ex wife while he worked away... his tears brought the chorban of the Temple.
We're appalled at such a story, but how many of us hurt other Jews? We're constantly hurting others and getting hurt by others... we don't even realize we do it, because we are so used to living in a generation of selfishness, where everyone puts himself and his needs before others.

Aug. 25 .08

See this video:

Sep. 19.08
First of all I apologize but as one busy mom my time is limited and my weekly updates have been going in to the Hebrew page and not the English. What can I say? The Americans are so far from the truth and most have them have no clue that we are in the Geula times. And yet, here, at least in Jerusalem, people are aware, baruch Hashem. Everyone is talking about it. Through the dream with the Chofetz Chaim, the autistics' messages, the evidence such as the high prices, the crashing stock market and banks, etc. Yet, we have to remember that its all plan. We have to bring people back cause that's our tikkun, but who has the zechus to come to Hashem and merit the Geula, only Hashem decides. Daven. daven hard for Am Yisroel.

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sheri said...

Don't cry over the destruction of the Beis Hamidash.
What you have to cry about is that we are not worthy today to have the Beis Hamigdash rebuilt.