Monday, January 18, 2010

Haiti - Not us yet, B"H

I wondered for maybe only 10 seconds about Haiti. All I can say is, what rachmanus! Hashem (it seems) chose a place with no Jews to punish first, before other places. But what would have happened had it been America or Europe, chas veshalom, places filled with Jews? But the truth is that most of us are probably not the slightest bit bothered because, "It's so far away, and who cares about some strange African country?"
However, at the same time, isn't that man's nature? Not to worry until it's time to worry? It doesn't seem like the yidden will wake up until they are in real danger. Until they are 'facing the butt of a gun', chas veshalom. You may say, "Hashem made us this way! What do you expect?" But He also gave us bechira. And He wouldn't invent such concepts as "miracles" and "thanking Hashem" if they were in vain. He wants us to know that although He runs the world and knows everything we think say or do and will do, WE STILL HAVE BECHIRA. And, although it is beyond our understanding, He wants us to understand that things in the World of Truth are never static. They change all the time. We can make the bechira to love Him and show Him our love by returning to Him and acting like our forefathers and mothers. Or we can make the bechira to become like goyim and thus share in their future - or lack of (even if that means death forever, lo aleinu).
(Explanation for the idea written above: in other words, although it's hard to understand the concept of miracales, since in essence, Hashem knew in advance that it would happen and planned it that way, He wants us to realize that there is such a thing as miracles and we do have to thank Him - because we still have "choice". We could have made the choice to do wrong and then we would not be worthy of His miracles.)

Suggestion for teshuva - yes for us charedim :-) :
Men, when you make decisions, get dressed, act on things etc. ask yourselves, "Would Avraham Avinu do this? (Or any other tzadik of old days that affects your heart)"

Women, if you wear straight cut clothes, suits, high heels and pretty wigs, please, i beg you to try and do what works for me. I always (try to) ask myself, "Would Sara Imeinu (or Mama Rochel) do this? Would she dress this way in this generation? Would she have just said or did what I did?"

On Erev Shabbos, by the light of the candles, we say a beautiful prayer, asking Hashem to make us like our fore-mothers. If you meditate on that tefilla, how much does that request really speak to you?

Precious yidden, you have all heard "rumors" that we are in the time before the Geula. Tremendous tzadikim have been saying this for the past couple of years. Don't assume that since it hasn't happened already that it won't. You owe it to your neshamas and your loved ones not to deny it anymore. Denying the truth doesn't make it go away. Recognizing it and embracing it on the other hand will give you a chance to have netzach (eternity...).

Think about it. Did you really expect the end of the Olam Hasheker, the end of thousands of years in galus, to happen so quickly??? This is no birthday party. Hashem is giving us time to return to Him.

I'll give you an example. I know a woman who has been in the "taking steps" stage for over a couple of years now. First, she got rid of her wigs. Then she stopped wearing straight skirts. Then she threw away her Lycra-material shirts, then she started to wear a shawl for modesty. Then, just last week, she threw away all her goyish books, even the kids ones that had no immodesty in them (after consulting a tzadik who said even simple books about colors and animals are not good to have). All this happened over the space of 2-3 years. These things take time. But she never for a minute gave up the desire to return to Hashem. It's just that it takes some time. Step by step. Hashem is giving us that time. Trust Him.

May we all be zocheh to the chayei netzach with Avinu ShebaShamayim, amen!


Lvnsm27 said...

Very true, we need to realize that what we do has an impact on the world. When we do mitzvos, it brings blessings. Where as aveiros bring negative energy. We might not notice it, but it's happening.

wazir said...

Report: Israel to Strike Iran in March, Lebanon Could Get Involved
Diplomatic sources haven't ruled out to al-Liwaa newspaper Lebanon's involvement in a possible war between Israel and Iran.
The sources told the daily that the Jewish state is planning in coordination with the U.S. to strike Iranian nuclear states next March.
Israel and the U.S. will not allow Iran to put into operation its nuclear project, the diplomat said, adding that the Jewish state's seven-member inner cabinet has given the green light for the attack.
The sources didn't rule out the involvement of Lebanon and the Gaza strip in the war, in response to the Israeli attack.
Last week, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned Hizbullah to "avoid entering in conflict with us."
"We need to constantly prepare for a change in the status quo, though we don't know when it will occur," he said. "We don't want for it to happen, and it might not, but we will not be afraid to react if we have to fight back."
Top U.S. general David Petraeus also said earlier this month that Washington has developed contingency plans to address Iran's nuclear ambitions if negotiations falter.
Petraeus, who heads U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) that oversees the Middle East, told CNN that Iran's nuclear facilities "certainly can be bombed," even though they are reported to be heavily fortified.
Beirut, 20 Jan 10, 09:58