Tuesday, November 17, 2009

cheshvan 5770

Boy, what a busy month. b"H we had a baby boy a month ago. You all remember the blog post about my zada? b"H i was zocheh to naming our son for him, Eliyahu Mordechai.

Other things: soon you'll all be able to read Galia's latest message in English. It's being edited... I discovered something about myself. Ben and Daniel arouse in me yiras Hashem (fear of Heaven) and Galia arouses in me ahavas Hashem (love of Hashem). That's why they go hand in hand.

Here's an interesting link to check out: http://hosem.gotdns.com/Banned-UN-Watch-Speech.html

and something else that sure raises eyebrows:

"*Special Edition
November 2009 Cheshvan 5770*
*Fight New $750 US Tax - Stop it Now*

AACI has learned that the new Health Care Reform Bill as proposed by the US
Senate contains a $750 per year Excise Tax per person for all US Citizens
living outside the US.*

The proposed law requires all US citizens regardless of country of residence
to buy into one of the proposed US insurance plans or pay $750 per person
per year Health Insurance Excise Tax.

The proposed US insurance plans will not cover medical expenses outside the
This will force us to pay for health insurance we cannot use.

A similar Health Care Bill has already been passed by the US House of
Representatives. However, in that bill, all US citizens residing abroad are
exempt from the Excise Tax. Unless we are exempted by *both* the House
bill *and *the Senate bill, we could be taxed when the two bills are merged.

The Senate is currently debating its bill and is close to bringing to that
bill to a vote. We need to urge our Senators to exempt us from the Excise
Tax in their bill.

*AND we need to act NOW!*

Click here <http://www.aaci.org.il/articlenav.php?id=163> for a sample
letter which you can personalize.

To register your opposition, you must FAX your objections whether using the
attached letter or one of your own making. Emailing does not have the same
impact. When you FAX a letter, the letter is immediately seen and counted.
Be sure to sign it and give your Israeli Address. This validates the FAX.

To help you, AACI is providing you with a link to the names and fax numbers
of every US Senator.

AACI urges every US citizen to contact their two US Senators and voice their
opposition to this Excise Tax for US citizens residing abroad.

*We can make our voices heard!*

Click here<http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm>for
address information on your representative."

American Jews, things really are getting worse. Please read the signs and spare yourselves tzaar.

a gut chodesh to you all!

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