Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Message for the Gentile Nations

Someone sent me a nice, caring letter today. Here it is:

Accidentilly I came on your website. I saw a small you tube film.
I looked at it and was moved. I am a widow and a christian and live in the
Netherlands. I am very greatfull that the bible came to the gentiles through the Jews.
My Lord, Jesus Christ was a Jew, and He is my Lord and Saviour.
Well I will let you know that I pray for you all in Israël.
My hart is with you !
May the Lord bless you all!
The Netherlands

So, this message today is for Ricky and my dear friends Petra (Lutheran?) and Mindy (Mormon)

Until now, the best policy for the world was for every religion to respect the other and leave be. But since I like my x-tian and Mormon friend so much (my x-tian friend attends all of my parents' family events etc. and we are very close), and I have always believed that if you truly care about a person, you have to say what could save their lives even if they stop liking you becasue of it. Well, knowing what I know about the very near future, I've decided to be 'brave' and tell them and any other non Jewish readers what I know.

First of all, there was a letter put up in Hebrew recently on Daniel's site. It was beautiful. It was about a Jew who had a dream and was told by a mekubal rabbi that the dream is real and he must publicize it. Daniel confirmed and said it is real.
In his dream, he sees a very modest woman sitting in the ground looking absolutely miserable and sick. When she turns to look at him he sees that this is no ordinary woman. Her eyes are pink and white, etc. She reveals to him that she is the holy Shechina (Divine Presence).
She then opens up to him and explains why she is so sad and sick - because her children are sinning and so on (she elaborates).
She then mentioned something regarding the non-Jewish nations. Here are her exact words:
"And you should know that in addition to all this there is a 'hakpadah' (Heavenly accusation) against you (the Jews) that you are not fulfilling your duty of being a light for the goyim (gentile nations). What example are you setting for them?! And how many of you are active in spreading the knowledge of the 7 Noahide mitzvos for the goyim?..."

For those who are not aware, the first mitzvah of the noahide mitzvos is that every human being, no matter what nationality, must recognize Hashem, the King of the World as G-d. Serving Yeshu or Budhaa or anyone else (or anything) is forbidden. I know that is hard to hear. But the truth is that Hashem knows exactly who He wants to keep around in the Messianic age. So, basically, the bottom line is that if you ignore this message, my guess is that unfortunately you have not merited G-d's desire in keeping you alive in the upcoming Messianic age. However, there are 'righteous' goyim who do believe only in Hashem, like our friend Marylu who writes us sometimes, and they are very very lucky to have been chosen to live in such beautiful times as the time of Moshiach (Messiah).

According to the bible, Edom (the ch---stian countries) will be totally destroyed before Moshiach comes. And only those that return to Hashem and only Hashem and keep His mitzvos - for the gentiles that would be only 7 (not so hard!) will merit living in the next world, the world of Moshiach.

I am just bringing the facts. I am not going to missionize and keep trying to convince you of the truth. This is the truth. What you do with this information is up to you now. By the way, it is common knowledge that even the non Jewish autistics who communicated said that everyone must recognize Hashem as G-d and return to Him, etc.

Dear Ricky,

Thank you for your kind letter. It is true indeed that Yeshu was a Jew, and in the begining he kept the Jewish laws. But if you investigate and read from the Jewish Gemara you will see how he went off track out of anger and did things that upset G-d very much, beyond description. And then he pulled people ino following him against G-d. - Let's put it this way, we religious Jews are forbidden to even mention his name because of what he did. Becasue of him, 2/3 of the world turned away from G-d and worship Yeshu - who was nothing but flesh and blood. I do hope nice people like you will hear this message with their hearts and return to your Creator, Hashem. He created all of us and loves all of us. Its time for us all to know this and return to Him.

Good luck to all of you. I pray that you will all merit the days of Moshiach, the days where only good will reign!


Simcha said...

You have done a wonderful job translating Ben and Daniel's messages.

Messages 101-107 were never translated. More than 50% of world Jewry is English speaking. If you could make them a priority and translate them ASAP it would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,

True Simcha said...

You mean chapters 101 on Dani's site? well, the last message was translated but believe it or not it has been for a month in editing. Binyamin checks them over to see if he needs to change anything. Also, I translate what I am told to. But I will pass on your request to Daniel's father.
thank you for your kind words
all the best!

True Simcha said...

Chapters 102 and 106 are actual messages from Daniel and Ben. The other chapters are aside from one short one are not. I don't know why chapter 102 was not put up. a mistake, i think. Chapter 106 is what is still being edited. There were questions and answers that I translated but do not see them there. I will look into it. Thank you for bringing all this to my attention.