Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu??? what's behind it?

Well, I haven't heard any commentaries on the subject, but as a simple Jew, all I can say is, "wow"!

Think about it, the most tumaa'dik, impure animal, the one the notzrim lust after is actually bringing their downfall! (some of them, not all, obviously, and this is not including the goyim who are meant to live in the Moshiach days). It's another huge sign from Hashem. First Hashem made the money fall, people's greatest lust, and now the second or third greatest lust in the world (food - particularly non-kosher) is bringing its worshipers down. Amazing!

But, all things aside, this does sound pretty scary. I am not so sure that this is the big warning the autistics warned us about, I think we need to see what develops in the next week. It may still just be another warning from Hashem like the others before it and the Big One may yet have to come. Please, my beloved American brothers, keep your eyes open. I will pray for you that Hashem will send you wisdom to know what to do.

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