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The Days of Moshiach - My Dream

My Dream - Days of Moshiach

When you hear all the details written in the Holy books about the days of Moshiach, what do you imagine?

I'm going to tell a made up story to give you a general idea of yemos HaMashiach. Picture it in your mind and decide if you want this or not.

(If anyone can make a cartoon of the story, please let me know. I can't pay but it would be a great merit to the Jewish people)

Simcha was sleeping in her bed, a simple bed with no pillow, covered in a plain green sheet when the first rays of the morning sun shone through her window letting her know that the morning had arrived. Her eyes flew open and a huge grin spread across her mouth.
"Modeh ani lefanecha, Melech Chai vekayam..." she recited sitting up. She flung her legs over the bed, washed the morning washing (neggel vasser), put on her daily white dress, the simple, modest dress all the women wear now and was ready to take care of the kids. Right on time, the kids woke up - no crying, no complaining (there is no more yetzer hara...), they had a similar morning routine as she did. When everyone was dressed they all went to daven.

Simcha's husband, Berel was already at Beis Hamikdash davening Shacharis and learning Torah.

After davening, Simcha opened the door to her apartment which was on the twelfth floor [the gemara says there will be buildings of 30 floors], reached out of the window near the stairway and some branches on the tall tree that stood near the building reached over to her and she pulled some fresh fruit and bread off the tree.

She returned home to feed herself and her family. Simcha smiled to herself as she remembered that up until a year ago, before the yetzer hara was destroyed, breakfast had consisted of cereals, puddings and all sorts of unhealthy foods. Baruch Hashem they had no desires - taavos anymore. Now they ate what was good for their bodies and needed nothing else.

She loved every minute of life, now. There were no stresses of any kind - the kids did exactly what they were asked, there was true peace in the home and the only thing they had to all focus on was how they could keep getting closer to Hashem and elevate their level of spirituality.

After breakfast, Simcha learned Torah with her daughters and then hurried excitedly to catch a cloud that would take her to Beis Hamikdash. She loved giving korbanos so much, she'd only wished she could give fifty a day!

Simcha went outside and a beautiful, white cloud ascended toward her. She hopped into the cloud and enjoyed the light fluffy feeling of it. Flying, or more like floating in the air, Simcha waved to every single woman and child that passed her in the clouds. She could barely even remember the time when Jews were considered weird if they did such things and where every person was always so worried what people thought of them. People were angry and jealous of each other, she knew this mainly from reading about it in the Holy Books but was happy she could barely remember living in such horrible times. Now it was pure love, the people had for each other. Nothing else.

The only times she now went to visit other Jewish women was solely for the purposes of learning Torah together and dancing and singing for Hashem together. There were no illnesses or troubles so people didn't need to go checking on each other anymore. The answer to "How are you?" is always, "Couldn't be better, Baruch Hashem!"

Stepping off the cloud and thanking it, (hakaras hatov to all Hashem's creations)Simcha looked up before her at the beautiful Beis Mikdash. No matter how many times a day she came, how many days a year, she never 'got used to it' - each time was like being there for the first time. She could feel chills ripple through her body and stood in complete awe for five minutes! All of Am Yisrael felt the way she did. The Kedusha (holiness) of the place filled the people's souls like nothing else. Once the people came they did not want to leave. The only thing that could convince them to leave was knowing that the other things they had to do (such as take care of the children...) were also avodas Hashem (service of Hashem).

The kohanim all looked like angels from the highest level in Heaven. Everyone's eyes all sparkled with immense love as they looked at each other, but when the Kohanim Hagedolim (the High Priests) looked at a person - the love in their eyes somehow seemed even greater than than that of the ordinary people.

The music sung by the Levi'im (Levites) filled her soul with such love for Hashem, as it did every time, she had to pour her heart out to Hashem [Rebbe Nachman said the simcha in the days of Moshiach will be so vast that people could faint from the joy unless they do hisbodedus - speaking to Hashem] the whole way up to the Mizbe-ach (the altar). Now she knew what people meant when they told her in the past that "vesham nashir shir chadash uvirnana naaleh..." ( "there we will sing a new song and with bliss we will ascend"...) No other music was like what they were singing here in Beis Hamikdash. The music could cause people to fly if they wanted.

What? Are you looking for more to the story? But that's just it - there wont be stories like novels and mysteries in this world. There can be no plot - nothing bad or scary ever happens in this world - in the days of Moshiach. Just pure good.

Close your eyes and dream this story and choose if you want to be a part of it or not.

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