Monday, February 6, 2012

To Be (tznius)? Or Not To Be - that is the question

Wow, what can I tell you? This world is becoming crazier by the minute. The main topic of the day - to wear a shawl or not to wear a shawl - to be tznius or not to be tznius, to wear a wig or not to wear a wig. Phew! All day long thats what people are talking about on the internet. Seriously - when Rabbis and people claim that it is sheer madness to wear a cape on your body or on your head I can't help but just laugh. What ridicule!
If these women were not to doing it LeShem Shamayim and to be more tznius, no one would say a word. If people were doing it just for style - no one would say a word! I guarantee it. But here's the hard facts. This generation is so far from modest and kedusha that they actually think its crazy to be too modest. And I'm not referring to the seculars who know not a thing about kedusha. I'm referring to those who are supposed to be G-d fearing Jews!
Well, to me it seems pretty obvious. Hashem is showing us the end now and leaving us a choice - either we are completely on His side or not. You don't have to wear a shawl to be on His side. You have to be as modest as possible and certainly not against it!

Fact: The women's clothes today cover the skin and nothing else (aside from the leg colored socks which dont even do that). They do not hide the woman's shape.
I just saw a woman with a tichel and a mini skirt. gulp! The only solution is for Moshiach to come and restore kedusha to the world.

May we hear the shofar soon!


True Simcha said...

I recieved 2comments on this post. one was from a spammer who actually thought i was recommending wigs and they thought they would offer me the most beautiful ones out there. Ha! Does that not prove my point?

The second one was simply heretic so I don't have much reason to publish or answer it.

One claim this person made wassomething similar to rabbi Metzger's claim that the wearing of a redid or shawl stems from madness or ignorance in halacha.
That is the problem with a lot of people in this generation. They actually are ignorant when itcomes to the halachos of women's clothes. please look up Shulchan Aruch Even haEzer 196 siman 4. Awoman who leaves her house without wearing a redid on her head - long or short is called "overes al das Yehudis". Now, today the woman dont have to becasue the Rabbis of today dont enforce that halacha. But it is still from Shulchan Aruch whether people like it or not.

As to his/her remark on not getting vitamin d becasue of being covered up - oy vey. That is simply a lack of Emunah in Hashem. That is faith in the nature and please refer to the end of parshas Bo - Ramban about those who do not recognize that every single thing in the world is a creation and nothing is "simply nature".
Im sorry I cant answer the other comments, I am not a kiruv site for chilonim - I am a kiruv site for charedim who already have the basic faith in HKB"H. As for wearing a veil - I dont but there are mekoros for this as well. The Chasam Sofer, Yalkut Shimoni (Vayeshev 145) regarding poeples ignorance about Yehuda and tamar, Maseches Negaim 11:11, Rabenu Yona, Iggeres Hateshuva, 58, Reishis Chochmah, (Derech Eretz 25:4) and there are more but I gotta go now. iadmit ihavemorepatiencetoanswer those who really want tolearn the subject and arenot out to just question everything and challenge it.

Jesterhead45 said...

You are mistaken, my questioning is motivated by a desire to learn and being dismissed as a heretical chiloni not worthy of common human decency is very unbecoming of you even if you are not a kiruv site as you say, speaking as someone who regularly reads your blog along with the rest of the Jewish / Moshiach blogosphere in order to pursue the path of becoming a more righteous person.

For what it is worth, I do appreciate at least you mentioning sources on some of my questions though a little courtesy goes a long way.

True Simcha said...

I apologize but you said, "I fear the increasingly fanatical non-seichel approach to Jewish issues in the Frum-World where Chumra is conflated with Halacha, as it is out of touch with basic reality and a cause of sense-less strife / division to the point where we become so heavenly-minded that we (heaven forbid) end up doing no earthly good by believing that only one minhag is correct and thus only one group has a monopoly on truth (is it really worth arguing over such things with whats happening in the world at the moment?).

I also resent the notion that one is incapable of controlling their baser desires by virtue of being born male, besides if men and women are to be like "two king's sharing a crown" and if women who like the moon is said that it will regain its original evalated status in the near future (where it is the sun's equal) then does it not defeat the purpose by practising gender segregation outside of weddings / shul so that it socially stunts both men and women?"

And this sounds like chiloni speech to me. Every charedi yid knows very well that men and women are VERY different and the hardest tikkun men were given is shmiras HaBris. It is their biggest yetzer hara and that is why the greatest tzaddikim do not look at women ever. Women who care about Yiddishe men HAVE to be modest - not only because it is an obligation but out of pure ahavas Yisrael! May be a michshol for them and suffer together in Gehennom? Why?
Most people who write me on here ask the questions in a much more gentle way, and I get the feeling they are not just challenging everyone and everything but they truly llok forward to the Geula and want to know Emes. That is who I write for. (I also dont feel too good so my answers are a bit more impatient now)

Jesterhead45 said...

I know that men and women are very different (i.e. same yet different almost like two halves of one being) and I am not disputing that, though I seem to recall it being said that women will one day return to their originally elevated spiritual position in the messianic era with some believing that the parable in the Midrash (along with one or two other sources) refers to a time where the sun (thought to represent the male that gives illumination) and the moon (though to represent the female that receives illumination) were originally meant to be of equal size and brightness.

I am aware of the need to guard the Brit yet think of it another way, as a man would you really want to be grouped together with those men that cannot control their baser urges such as the Yishmaelim (who attack women regardless of whether they are covered up or not)? Being a man myself and seeing what the Yishmaelim have done and are currently doing in the world, I feel somewhat insulted to be classed with the likes of such people.

Again I apologise about not asking questions in a more tactful way, it is just that I have heard many talk about the need to return to our Israelite roots / the ways of our forefathers in order to bring about the Geulah (as well as being an alternative to decaying western culture) yet as I mentioned with regard to clothing (as an example) there is a lot in inconsistency (from people adding innovations / stringencies to others adopting a “not-invented-here” attitude with things that do align with Halacha), since returning to our roots leads to the question of what did our ancestors once wear and which Jewish groups until recently wore clothes that are Israelite in origin (as the ancient Israelites were thought to have worn as a unique dress).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this important site. I would like to point out another halacha in Even HaEzer that people are unaware of that relates to tznius. I've heard and read in the last week from two so-called Orthodox rabbis saying that if people feel they need to have separation on a bus, they should put the women in front! This is pure nonsense, as it would defeat the whole purpose, and in Even HaEzer, 21:1, it says based on the gemara that a man should not walk behind a woman. The Chazon Ish, quoted in Rav Karelitz's Chut HaShani say that this certainly applies to sitting behind a woman in a bus.

True Simcha said...

To Anonomous - THANK YOU! Yes, you are right. What a reform thought - to put women in front and have the men sitting the back with their feet up enjoying the "view". oy vey...

Jester head - interesting choice of name. As you are a man I can't really go in to long talks with you but if you would be able to listen to Rav Arush's discussions, you would understand more what I mean. I wonder if you know the story of Masia Ben Heresh, the tzadik. He was so careful not to look at women, at one point the Satan wanted to test him. He appeared to him as a beautiful woman. When Masia could not avoid the woman completely he finally stabbed his eyes to lose eyesight. In the end hashem returned his eyesight but you understand what the greatest tzaddikim do so as not to look at women. Jews are notMoslems or goyim at all. They are not just beast with taavos, chas veshalom. However, that was their greatest tikkun. It is their biggest nissayon. WHat lies behind it? Oh, so much. If you study Likutei Moharan you will have the zechus to understanding the most kedusha'dik things privileged only to the righteous yidden. If you want you can email my husband for further info on this issue.

Anonymous said...

I made aliya to Israel in 2006. I came with very little in terms of belongings, taking only what I really felt I needed. I had at least 3 shawls back in the U.S. that I bought in some of the most immodest teen clothing stores in the US. It was in style back then. If some American back then would tell an immodest goya anything negative about wearing a shawl, he would be laughed at. It was all about fashion and no one thought it was an odd garment to wear.