Monday, February 20, 2012

A call for charedim to join the army? I challenge the Zionists!!!

This is a kind of a heart to heart with my valued Yiras Shamayim readers.

My parents proudly sent out an email with a link to a talk show that aired on TV where they interviewed religious girls serving in the army. The "co-star"? My sister. My precious 19 year old sister. I was like a second mom to her, growing up, we used to cuddle on shabbos and have naps together when she was 4, and we have been close ever since. I remember when she was about 9 she said to me, "When I grow up I want to be charedi like you!"

I love her so much and it just breaks my heart to hear her interview. She says there that what she does in the army literally protects the residents from infiltrating terrorists and that if she wasn't there to do it, who knows what would happen?
Well, that is because she was raised, as I was, in a dati Leumi and very pro Zionist family.
Number 1, if any dati leumi people read this please don't take personal offense.
The fact is that these girls whom they showed on TV are not in fact "dati". Most of the dati leumi today do not follow all of halacha and therefore cannot be considered "dati". Dati - literally means "religious" which could mean "in to religion", of course, but the world views them as Orthodox, i.e. people who observe Torah and mitzvos. But the halacha is that (among others they dont observe) women cannot wear pants, and yet these girls are wearing pants (or short skirts) in the army! They are not allowed to 'hang out with' and talk to men, but they do there, all the time!

And if you want to claim that in the days of the Tanach, even the women had to go out to war, a. Only when they were being fought against, i.e. to protect themselves.
B. They fought in a complete Torah observing army - as it were. It wasn't an army like there is today, they did not have basic training, crazy sleep hours, 2 or 3 years of ongoing day to day "being in the army"... , parties, hang outs girls and guys together and I dont know what...

They kept the Torah! They davened to Hashem and knew that only with faith in Hakadosh Baruch Hu did they have ANY chance of winning the battles.

Today, Tzahal is like every other army in the world. Full of ga'ava, thinking that "bekochi ve'otzem yadi" that it is there own strength and power through which they win the battles.

And as for their demand that charedim enlist: HA! Hashem will never let that happen. They talk about it, whine about it, but nothing. Because Hashem and only Hashem is in control. And the world cannot live a day without yidden learning Torah.
Yet, to those who try with all their might to "call for the enlistment of charedim" - I call for the enlistment of every other Jewish man - to come and learn Torah, like he's supposed to!

Ribbono Shel Olam, for the sake of my baby sister and all of our brothers and sisters being brainwashed by Zahal to believe that they really "make all the difference and are saving our lives", please Hashem, send us Moshiach quickly! Wake up all these sleeping souls, show them Your glory and Your beauty and that of your Torah Hakedosha!

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