Friday, November 18, 2011

just a simple yid

SOmeone asked me what "my organization" does?
My answer was:
"Well, what would you like to know? I'm a one-man-band anxious to restore peace among the yidden and prepare people - women, for the upcoming Geula. I love Hashem and love Klal Yisroel and hope I am making Hashem happy. I still have so much to work on myself so I don't qualify to give anyone tochacha. I just try and give people food for thought to try and bring us all close to Hashem Yisborach. I guess that's it.
Women can call the phone line below to hear about what tzadikim are saying and some chizuk messages. "

Now that a lot of Israelis have seen the video response I made to the horrible news report against the ultra tznius women whom they dare call "taliban", many people have questions. What can I say? Is it tznius for a shawl woman to be on the internet? Well I certainly don't hang around talking to men or watching movies and reading stupid goyish websites. When I come on here it is to write messages to whoever will listen to help yidden be aware that the Geula is so close. And there issomuch suffering going on now in the world, and in our own community, we need to be aware that this is becasue the yetzer hara (evil inclination) is growing before he is wiped out completely. When Moshiach comes, there will be no more yetzer hara. Read Otzaros acharis hayamim for more info and the mekoros. So now is the only time left to overcome the yetzer hara as much as possible and thus grow closer to Hashem. We are told by the tzaddikim that we must strengthen in emunah, faith, bitachon, tznius, modesty, and unity - peace among the Jews, no spreading lies and rumors, no believing rumors, no slander and so on. (It would be nice if I could overcome my lust for chocolate as well... and my temper at home... ;-))

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