Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tznius women, have any questions?

I found a picture of some friends of mine from a chasunah I was at with tznius "shawl" ladies. It was on imamotherinisrael blog - something like that. I only wish people would ask questions to understand things better before passing judgment. Modernism truly blinds us, if only people could see beyond it.

If people only knew the joy these women bring to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. most of the Jews are saddening our Tatte; these women are bringing Him some of the only comfort He can get watching our non-Jewish looking generation of Jews.erials, silk, lycra, etc. straight and short skirts, wigs that dont look "wiggy" as they should and as they used to.... allthis is bringing terrible decrees upon Am Yisrael. I have heard that 2 tzaddikim already said if we dont shape up and do full teshuva by the 21st of Elul, there will be a terrible war against us. Hashem Yaazor that people will stop being so feisty and stubborn and use their hearts and total kedusha to see the emes.

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Anonymous said...

Do all your tznius friends know that you host a blog on the Internet????

tamar said...

Your "shawl ladies" are not necessarily jewess from am Yisrael. As a part of Am Yisrael, we all have to relate to each other and accept each other just as the Shvatim did. There were 12 brothers and there are 12 paths but we are all a part of am yisrael.

The whole idea of this "shawl" business is not toradic at all. There is nothing in the Torah about this kind of dress or the color of the clothing. In fact the Torah explains explicitly what each color represents. We are supposed to connect to the sphirote and each one is represented by a color. Black is the absence of color and the absence of light. That means, anyone who condones this does not have the light of Hashem in him.

True Simcha said...

I'm sorry Tamar but you have no idea how wrong you are. For generations Jewishwomen have worn Shawls and 'redids' upon their heads. Please read on the left side of this screen the work of Rav Rumpler, one of the generations biggest tzaddikim. There are photos of women from previous doros wearing shawls and redids. In fact, only over the past 100 years have Jewish women stopped dressing like Jews and started dressing like goyim.

True Simcha said...

dear anonoymus. I have a question for you. Does doing kiruv online make Ohr Sameach Rabbis or tzaddikim such as Rav Arush etc. and Rabbis like Rav Lazer Brody any less tzaddikim becasue they write on the internet? Who do you expect us to do kiruv with? the tzaddikim that dont touch computers or Jews who are constantly online searching for a way to Hashem and happy to get chizuk however they can? Many of my tznius friends do kiruv online. If you knew the sachar in Shamayim for this you would not doubt it at all. Besoros tovos!