Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latest from Daniel

For those of you who follow up on the messages of the righteous autistic people, daniel and Ben, I got a call a couple of days ago from Daniel's father preparing me that there was a tikshur (FC) with the two on Sunday. I said to Daniel's father: "I thought they gave their last message, aside from the latest questions they answered from the site dani18.com. What's going on?"

He said: "Well, the headline for this message is: "A moment before the end."
So, I haven't heard the FC yet, but my guess is they are giving us some last minute chizuk and warnings. Keep your eyes open, precious Jews. I think that warning may be coming really, really soon. And the most important thing is, if you tried your best to come but you simply can't (for logistic reasons), so long as you are doing teshuva, Hashem willl not forsake you. After all there are tremendous tzaddikim living overseas now. Will Hashem forsake them?!

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