Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jews overseas - what are you holding on to??

To the Jews in weird places like Mexico, Germany, Russia, Africa, Europe (where you're not even allowed to walk around in a kippah in some parts, etc.), I really cannot figure out what you are holding on to over there? There is no kedusha, only gashmius, gangs and drugs everywhere and major anti-semitism. So what, pray tell are you holding on to?

To the Jews in America, well, you are used to your lifestyles, the American-Jewish personalities, your home, perhaps, your big house with a back yard, I know, I've been there. Sure that's nice, but let me point some things out, if I may:
1. What about the fear you have of letting your kids roam the streets and talk to strangers?
2. There are plenty of nice American communities here - you would feel right at home.
3. If you love your big house and spacious gardens and rooms, try Beit Shemesh for example.

4. You're worried about how you'll move your 8+ kids here? But the Jewish agencies help with that. They help with the financial side and there are absorption centers etc. and others have done it before you.
5. Language barrier? There are yiddish schools here and kids pick up Hebrew very quickly.

But most of all, you're forgetting Hashem! Hashem is taking care of you there and He will take better care of you here because He wants you here, not there.
Please mentally prepare yourselves for all these things so that when the big warning occurs and you know your heart (and hopefully Rav / Rebbe) is advising you to leave, you will realize that it is not as hard as you think. Besides, every step in kedusha takes a measure of difficulty. But Hashem helps in ways you can't imagine. Hashgacha pratis lurks everywhere.

Ask Hashem to help. You know He will.


Zack said...

Hi, I´m a Jew in Weird mexico. my wife and I have been contemplating aliya for almost a year, it is not so much that we are holding on to something here as much as the uncertainty of getting to Israel and not having even thwe prospect of a job. we don´t have any money to live to while we get settle and I know of several families in my shul in the same situation. We know we have to have emunah but it is a big test that we are trying to conquer. Maybe this answer part of your question.

True Simcha said...

Sure it answers it. Thank you. Yes, not knowing how you will make money is very stressful, I agree. Have you been in touch with Nefesh Benefesh here? My aunt just moved here recently and had no job in the beginning either. She got some money from the state which helps in the beginning and Nefesh BeNefesh might have ideas for you for after that. There is the Heritage House in the old city where you can stay for free though I'm not sure how long, but that can help in the beginning aside from the absorption centers. The truth is that everyone is struggling now but also overseas everyone is struggling. SO far there are still jobs around for English speakers including cleaning jobs, telemarketing in English and a lot of English speakers work for IDT hi tech company. You can also search for jobs on ISRAEMPLOY or the yahoo group called JANGLO. There are low priced places to live like Beitar and all sorts of moshavim around. Just the fact that you want to come and you daven with all your heart, I believe Hashem will help you come. If I can help you with making a phone call or anything, please let me know. In the meantime, see how you can save up money over there via selling things or from work etc. Good luck!

Zack said...

unfortunately Nefesh B'Nefesh doesn't operate in mexico or with mexican residents, that would be an incredible help for us. Still we don't give up and B"H we will be able to make aliyah soon.

True Simcha said...

Yes, I called them and they explained that they only have enough funds to help N. America and England. Shame. I tried calling the Jewish Agency to get details. Their number is busy... Here is the number in Mexico you can call and ask them what can a family with not much funds do to make aliyah? If I discover anything really useful, i will add the comment. please check back once in a while.

Anonymous said...

What about someone who is sick? In my country, we can receive welfare, unemployment benefits. Some people are too sick to consider moving and making aliyah. We are waiting for Moshiach to help us recover and bring us to Israel.
Isn't it true that when Moshiach comes all of the world will be "Israel" and Israel will be "Yerushalayim"?

True Simcha said...

Very good point. So first, I was referring to those who can come but won't. I personally have a family member who wants desperately to come but he cannot also due to difficulties that are out of his hands. The Baal Shem Tov said that all of Am Yisrael will do teshuva and merit the Moshiach. The reason I, on behalf of the autistics, am appealing to the Jews overseas is because apparently the Jews who do not come now are going to suffer immensely before Moshiach comes and saves them. I just want to reduce the suffering, if possible. If one is too sick to travel or has things going on in his life for which he cannot come now, Hashem, the Merciful One, will of course take this into consideration so long as that person truly yearns to come and is truly looking forward to the Geula (i.e. by doing constant teshuva, praying etc.), be'ezrat Hashem.

True Simcha said...

I forgot to mention that here you get welfare as well and soon no one will get welfare in any case when the economy collapsses...