Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leave the USA and Europe - emergency or not???

Well, I read Rabbi Lazer's post on this subject. I read what the autistic people have said, obviously. For those of you who are new to this blog (welcome), I have had the big zechus to work with them and translate their messages etc. I feel some clarifications need to be made.
First of all, in general, there are different ways to bring people closer to Hashem and Judaism; There is the patient, loving gentle way and the more harsh, bottom line (i.e. if you don't, you'll regret it) way. I have found a lot of confusion as to where should I be in these two main ways. On the one hand, like Rabbi Brody and Rabbi Arush, shlit"a, I am a Breslover and our Rebbe taught love and patience to be the general method. He taught that if you find even one good point in someone who goes against Hashem, you can bring him to teshuva, just by that one good point.

And the truth is, until a year or two ago, I would have continued kiruv work that way. However, there is something going on here we cannot deny. The fact is that there is a basis for what the autistics are saying (the gemara and the holy Zohar, etc., see the left panel on this blog for proof and clarifcations) and if its true, we really don't have as much time as we all thought we did. It took a good few years for me to wake up and do teshuva and run after Hashem, not only out of fear, but out of love. Normally, this can take years. For each individual it differs, according to his past merits, his spiritual tendency, his life experiences, his forefathers' merits, and so on and so forth - only Hashem knows, of course.

Yet, let me give you an example why we need to speak more urgently and harshly now:
Imagine that there is a bomb in your house, G-d forbid, set to go off in 2 hours. Now, I am told by a hidden tzaddik of this bomb. Yet I know you won't believe me and you'll think I'm crazy. Nevertheless I know I must try and save you and your family - your'e my brothers, for Heaven's sakes! So what should I do? Come over to your house, sit down and drink coffee, calmly, eat some cake, tell some jokes, sneak in here and there words of wisdom to find way to your heart... ?
but your life is at stake! Your little baby, the toddler, the four year old drawing in her room, the seven year old doing homework in her room... how can I look at those precious little faces and not flip out and shout, "please! get everyone out now! There is a bomb..."

Now, how does this relate to the Autistic's warnings to leave overseas and come to Israel? Well, here, we don't know exactly how long it will take for things to blow up. But they mentioned something once and I think they had a good point: They reminded us, that before the actual holocaust broke out, people, the Jews as well, did not want to beleive things would get so bad - so deadly. So although they had a gut feeling that something was wrong, they loved their lifestyles so much, they talked themselves and each other into staying in Europe. All of a sudden it was too late.
True, we know that if we are truly trying to do Hashem's will, He will save us in time for the Geula, and true, it is very hard to make a life decision based on the words of the autistics, however good intentioned they may be. It's not an easy decision to make. You may have feelings inside that say, "until anything major happens, we're not leaving. too drastic." And you may be right.

My recommendation would be a combination of the teachings of my beloved Rebbe, zt"l, as well as the urgencies of the matter. The autistics once mentioned, off the record, that there will be a big warning, before things go really bad, for the Jews overseas. So what I recommend is, open your eyes and your ears. And talk to Hashem non- stop. Say, "Hashem, I am confused. I have faith in you and that you will save me but I also beleive you have sent messengers out of your Infinite mercy to warn me. But it doesn't seem real, yet. Please guide me and send me a very clear warning at the right time, so I will know if and when to leave for Israel."

Rebbe Nachman was once very sick. He saw his little grandson and he said, "Pray for me."
The little boy, who really was little then, looked up to Heaven, and said, "Hashem! Please make my grandfather well!"
To those around him who doubted the usefulness of this prayer, the Rebbe said, "You see that? That is how every Jew should pray to Hashem. With innocence and in your own words." (He did not mean instead of the prayers in the siddur of course, he was refferring to 'hisbodedus', which he taught that people should do for an hour a day - speak to Hashem about everything in your own language.)

If you ask Hashem for this guidance with all sincerity, I assure you He will send you a sign. But watch for it.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful !
I just would like to add 2 comments:
1. Everybody can see that spiritualy, the measure of Torah observance abroad is getting worse dramaticaly in the last few years, and to anybody living by Torah Hashkafa (opinions), such tendency does not lead to anything but to an awsome disaster, Chas Veshalom.
It's only a matter of time, and now, the otistics just reveal the exact point of time. We have to be very happy that they were given the Reshut (permission) from Heaven to tell us this massege of our emergency situation.

2. We can understand that the measure how one aggrees to put his mind to this idea and to discuss it seriously, is depending on his faith in our holy prophets, that anticipated everything in advance, and on his Tzipiah (waiting) for the Geula Hashleima to take place, and how much he is close to Hashem and not dwelling in Gashmi'yut.
So we see very interesting thing: the beleife in Geula, this itself is rescueig and saving one's life and his family's life !
Amazing !

M. S. from Eretz Ysrael