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Summary of Messages

Summary of Autistic and Brain damaged people's messages:

Chapter 50d from www.dani18.com

Summary of the messages (composed by me, the translator):

From the FC with Daniel Oct.02.2007

From FC with Binyamin Aug.18.2007:
Up until now everything that has happened, happened precisely the way it is written in the prophecies. Only the very last part was not written in the prophecies and that is what is about to take place*.
All of the situations written in the prophecies - they are all in place and ready for action.
Iran is Paras.
Iraq is Bavel
America is Edom
Europe is Edom
As for Russia, who knows what it is? There are definitely a lot of Amalekites there.
Each one of these countries is waiting to go to war with the other. This is not going to be just a war in Israel against the Arabs. This is much bigger. According to the prophecies, many countries will disappear from the world some countries will suffer great damage and some will not be harmed. Israel will remain complete.

From the FC with Daniel and Binyamin Q&A Dec.9.2007

Daniel: People are still going to be very scared. The time will come where people will be coming to you (to Daniel's father) for sacks and ashes.
Soon people will be very frightened. You must all start now with the sacks and ashes at the Western Wall.

Abba: I saw in a previous FC session (from the booklet "Kol Demama Daka" from www.emet8.com) that someone said "the dollar will be worth a piece of tissue." Did they mean in this world or in the next world?
Daniel: Abba, I can't answer that, but everyone can see what the dollar is worth now.
It is also written in the prophecies that there will be a lot to buy in this period but that money will be worthless; I think everyone can sense this very well. There are a lot of things people need to buy (or pay for) but money is worthless - you've barely just received it and it's already all been used up.
This is why we see that the dollar is going down and in general America is very weak; it has no power over anything anymore, its borders have become too easy to cross, the military is kind of lame… all in all the situation there is pretty bad.

Abba: For some time now, I have been having difficulty in understanding what you all have said, "when Moshiach comes, it will already be too late to repent."
Then I thought about Noah's ark: For 120 years, the people made fun of Noah and then when the flood finally came… it began to rain, Noah and his family were already in the ark and by the time they had closed the doors, when the real flood began, people were still laughing at Noah. Then, all of a sudden people saw the water was already getting up to their knees and suddenly they wanted to save themselves but by then it was too late…
Daniel: Yes, that is an appropriate example.

Abba: In other words people will want to repent but they won't be able to anymore…

Daniel: They're not going to want to repent; they are just going to want to save themselves.

Daniel: We have no idea how much more we all still have to go through. You spent so much time cleaning the sacks, picking out every single thing that doesn't belong… the cleansing process we must all go through is much harder and more thorough than that and it will not be done only once.

It [everything that is happening now in the world] is exactly what is written in the prophecies: pretty soon the whole world will come to fight against Israel. The Israeli military is so afraid to go into Azah that even if the Palestinians shoot kassam rockets at us day and night, they (the Israelis) will still be afraid to go in. Soon, great battleships from Russia will come and the Israelis will be terrified and not know what is coming. The Russians will start the fight with small things and eventually they will be showering us with rockets.

*Abba: Daniel and Chaim have both said, in past sessions, that we will see something and be afraid of it and then something else will come from another direction and that will be the deciding factor that will determine who will survive. Can you elaborate, Daniel?
Daniel: No, Abba, but it is the truth.

Abba: And they said that there will be a great fear unlike anything there has ever been throughout history.
Daniel: Yes. Now, too, we are in a situation of great fear. The whole world wants to fight against the Jewish people. People may say "against Israel", I say "against the Jewish people."

Abba: Does the matter still exist - that people should store enough food in their homes to last for two weeks?
Daniel. Yes. It is also important to have drinks.
Abba: Even in Jerusalem?
Daniel: Yes, everywhere in Israel.

Abba: I have a savings account that finishes in two years. Should I keep putting money into that account?
Daniel: No.

(We returned to the topic of food in the house - for emergency situations)

Abba: What about the Jews in America? Should they also store food in their homes?
Daniel: I don't know how helpful it will be. Why not? They can do it too. But they would be better off coming to Israel. But now.

Abba: What do you mean now?
Daniel: As soon as possible. Whoever can come, this is the best place to be.

From Chapter 36a FC with Shimon:
The Jews in America are so caught up with materialism that to get them out is almost impossible. Whoever does not leave, not necessarily now, eventually will realize that they should leave, woe to them. Their fate is with their people; with the Jewish people in every country...
From FC with Chaim Weill Nov.06.2007
Am Yisroel [the people of Israel], check your deeds, there is no time.
Do not be among those who want the lies of the nevi'ei sheker [false prophets - who exist today also in the form of "experts" who present easy formulas for success and salvation].
Don't think you will be given "discounts".
It is true; Hashem is very merciful,
But He will not have mercy on those who go against His mitzvos.
From FC with Daniel Oct.02.2007
…Of course Hashem loves His people, without regards to our actions. But if we don't repent, He cannot allow us to remain in the lowly state we are in. He must bring us to a good status.
It is like a father, whose son went away from the correct path. His father loves his son, but he cannot allow him to go in the wrong directions, so he gives him a little 'smack', some form of punishment to return him onto the correct path.
People really love Hashem but they want to be able to go on living their lives the way they want, but this cannot be. A father will not allow his children to just do whatever they want.

From FC with Menachem Jan.13.2008
There is going to be a most interesting situation: On one side of the world there will be total quiet and on the other side complete chaos and destruction.
Some of the people will go on living as though nothing was happening in other places and other people will be going through hell.
But each one will have his turn.

Since some parts of the world will not be destroyed immediately, a lot of Jews will not repent because they will see that the lie continues to exist - the deceptions of this world and that will be the big test for them, to see if they continue to choose the lies or if they decide to repent and choose Hashem's truth.

I cannot explain this situation further but it is definitely going to be interesting.

From FC with Menachem, July.21.2007:
At Mount Sinai, when the Jews received the Torah, Hashem held the mountain above the heads of the Jews and they did not have much choice. But now the people will be given a choice.
Hashem is going to make things happen that will be by far more terrifying than a mountain being held above the people's heads.

But the Jews and the whole world have sunk to such a low level, that it will still not be terrifying enough and most of the people will prefer the gashmius (the materialism) , lo aleinu (G-d Forbid).

They will expect a savior to come such as the American army, the British, the Russians or whoever. Maybe they'll think this is all just a movie and at some stage it will end.
But they won't understand what's really happening; they won't pray and repent.

Edom is going to be completely destroyed. Just imagine what terrible fear that will bring to the world.
Whole countries will be destroyed and not necessarily by atomic bombs.
We are going to see incredible things soon, tremendous miracles, but very few people will understand what is happening and feel frightened enough to want to repent. Most people have grown so far from Hashem that they don't even know what repentance is. They don't know to whom they are supposed to return and how. Because of this, the situation we face is going to be very difficult and frightening.

(Daniel spoke on the matter of Russia)
Daniel: What's obvious is that the prime minister of Russia is no friend of the Jews and now he has a lot of power and control and he's getting ready to go to war. He also wants to rule over the whole world and that cannot be very good for the Jews.
Moreover, Russian Jews had been given permission to leave Russia a long time ago - Russia has never really been a good place for us - and the fact that they have not all left makes no sense at all. That can only be because of the 'Golden Calf' (i.e. the connection to the materialism of the gentile nations).

(FC with Binyamin)

Binyamin: One thing is very clear and people don't want to hear it. How many will receive Moshiach? I don't know. But it is clear that it won't be many of the people living now in this world. It will be much less people in general and much less Jews.
True, all of the Jews will receive Moshiach, but it depends on when - if it will be after the plague of darkness like in Egypt or before.

Abba: What do you mean before or after? Afterwards we can't anymore…
Binyamin: That's what I'm trying to say. Before the plague of darkness it seemed like there were a lot of Jews that would be exiled form Egypt. But only after the plague of darkness did they discover how many were actually left and there were very few, relatively.

So how can we be saved? What is the formula?
From FC with Daniel Oct.02.2007

Daniel: First of all, every person should sit and meditate and do real teshuva (repentance).
You must look into your hearts and examine each one of your transgressions; from as far back as you can remember until now. You must feel such a sorrow that will bring you to tears, because with every transgression, the distance between the person and Hashem grows greater and greater.
Therefore, the first thing a person should do is confess his transgressions and accept the fact that the things he did were truly wrong.
They must confess clearly to Hashem; "Ashamnu, Bagadnu..." (Confession prayer found after the morning "Shemoneh Esreh" prayer), but really repent over each transgression separately and feel utter sorrow over each one.
After crying and truly feeling sorry about all of our transgressions we must then decide to make an effort from now on to live according to the will of Hashem. Then we must clean our houses, our streets and our lives from all those transgressions.
After this has been done we must then work on our bitachon [trust] in Hashem.
We must know that no matter what happens, we are in His hands alone and whatever happens to us - He knows about it and makes it happen for our own good.
No matter how much pain we are in, it is for our own good.
We must believe this and be happy, because if Hashem has decided that it is for our own good to die before the Redemption - then it is for own good.
And if, G-d Willing, He decides that we are to live and receive the Moshiach (Messiah), this too is for our good.
And whoever dies before the Redemption, if he has repented, he will be resurrected and will also receive our righteous Moshiach.
Hashem does everything for our good and we must believe this and not just say it, but really believe it. Whoever believes this and does real teshuva, will survive and have a place in the World to Come.
The World to Come, the days of Moshiach.

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