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Messages from Heaven

For the Lord God does nothing unless He has revealed His secret to His servants, the prophets. (Amos, 3:7)

תקשור קצר עם דניאל

Below: video of Daniel's FC

It says in the gemara that prophecy was given to the "shotim" and to the babies.

Well, in our time some autistic and CP people were found to have the gift of something similar to prophecy - they call it "Messages from Heaven". These people, who (sometimes) do not speak physically, with their mouths, can communicate through something called Facilitated Communication. A communicator sits with them with a board that has letters written on it as you will see in the video below. The communicator stabilizes their hand above the board and their finger "types" out their messages. These holy* people have been saying for several years that we must do teshuva now as we are near 'the end' and the days of Moshiach.

The Autistic people say that IY"H, we are right before the third world war, etc.

Notes to the Russian Jews and American Jews from the autistic people:

From chapter 35 on http://www.dani18.com/:

Russia: "The Russian Government is behaving the same way they did before communism fell. I think the Russian Jews should get out of Russia as soon as possible while they still have that option."

Jews in America:

ש. מה עם היהודים באמריקה?ת. היהודים שבאמריקה כל כך תפוסים, דבוקים בגשמיות, שלהוציא אותם משם, זה משימה כמעט בלתי אפשרית.מי שלא יצא משם בעזרת השם, לאו דווקא עכשיו, בסופו של דבר יבינו שצריך לצאת משמה, אוי להם.הגורל שלהם יהיה עם העם שלהם. עם העם שבכל ארץ.ש. אולי לפרסם בעיתונות האוטיסטים אומרים...ת. ח"ו, ח"ו, ירדו עליו בכל התותחים. זה לא יהיה דרך בכלל. לא בכלל. צריכים בעדינות, ולנסות להציל כמה בודדים שאפשר.הקב"ה יגרום למצבים כ"כ קשים, שאם אז לא יבינו, אז לא יבינו.אנחנו לא צריכים לעורר אותם.הקב"ה יעורר אותם, אבל אם לא מבינים אז אין מה לעשות.לי לא נראה שיש הרבה מה לעשות.

America: Q. What about the Jews in America?

A. (ch. 36) Shimon - autistic: The Jews in America are so caught up with materialism that to get them out is almost impossible. Whoever does not leave, not necessarily now, eventually will realize that they should leave, woe to them. Their fate is with their people. with the people in every land...

In another place they said that only the righteous can be saved from America and everyone should get out and come to Israel as soon as possible...

Below, you will find excerpts taken from sessions.

Taken from

Abba (father of Daniel, an Autist with "the gift"): I am beginning to understand from our past sessions that something extraordinary is going to happen. Not just a regular war with bomb explosions but much more (I cannot describe), far beyond that ... Is it possible to get more information?

(A reminder to our readers, things that were said in past sessions:

* The idea is like the exile of Egypt but it will be much more difficult (harder times) (chapter 30) * It is going to be above and beyond anything people have experienced in their lives (chapter 51)
* Many countries will vanish from history (chapter 42)
* It will be good in the end, but few will remain, and what troubles we must endure and what great fear (chapter 32)

Binyamin Golden (an Autistic man with the highest level of "message giving" as it were): We are at the end. The process has begun. This is the last development before the end of this deceitful world. Every one who is connected to the ultimate truth can see this clearly. Those who are not very wise and are not familiar with the prophecies, can still feel that something horrible and terrifying is about to take place throughout the world. They don't know what will happen, perhaps a nuclear war, Heaven Forbid, perhaps natural disasters, worse than anything we have seen till now; maybe they think it will be like something they had seen in a film. Who knows?
But a man of truth knows very well that this is exactly what is written in the holy prophecies (in the Torah) and it is all written very clearly. Hashem examines each individual separately, and the nation of Israel as a whole. This is a precise examination, with no discounts (easing).
Only the Jews that truly trust Hashem and honestly want to do the Will of Hashem (they will pass the test).

This does not mean that people can always be righteous, it means they have a pure desire to fulfill the will of Hashem; Hashem's will is their will. When they fall (from their level) - they become very sad and suffer a great deal.

Therefore, only the Jews, whose will is to fulfill Hashem's will, will pass the test regardless of how they fall and rise. This action (of falling), rising and continuing to make efforts - this is what will save them. Am Yisrael as a whole, will also have to go through a harsh [thorough] cleansing, but whoever trusts Hashem, will get through it. And it is not I who says this, it's written clearly. You want to know what will happen? Read the prophecies and the commentaries on these subjects and you will know exactly what is about to take place.

* Note: Read the link on the left called: The 'special needs' soul. It explains the reason 'special-needs' people were brought into this world and why are they are said to be righteous / holy.

Now, even great tzaddikim are telling everyone to prepare for the coming Redemption:
see this link to see a message from Rabbi Arush, a Breslov tzaddik: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/2008/04/emergency-messa.html

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